Pot's Greatest Hits - A Stash of Stand Up Comedy!

Pot's Greatest Hits: A Stash Of Stand-Up Comedy
is a compilation CD of the best marijuana bits from the funniest comics working today.Doug Benson Hosted by Doug Benson, Co-Creator and Co-Star of the off-Broadway hit, The Marijuana-logues, this collection of cannabis humor ranges from absolute stoner brilliance to absolute stoner stupidity. CLICK HERE FOR iTUNES

Heads Magazine says "We were cramped over and heaving with laughter ... [and] we weren't even stoned when we were listening to it, so we can only imagine the laughing fits it will cause when stoned.

All the routines have their own hysterical point of view. Tom Rhodes shares a romantic story of his loneliest joint; Franklyn Ajaye describes what it was like being stoned and taking his Physical Anthropology final. Todd Glass waxes poetic as he ponders several, "What if you were high and did this?" situations. Any one of which would make anybody wonder, how high does this guy get?

Paul Gilmartin, host of Dinner and a Movie on TBS, takes us on his side splitting, courageous mission to grow weed in the middle of a Chicago winter. Ron Shock is clearly on his soap box as he advocates for the legalization and taxation of marijuana, while keeping everyone laughing at our government's hypocrisy. Jimmy Dore

As a bonus, the CD will be packaged with a FREE DVD. From our customized, Pot's Greatest Hits mobile studio, we video taped the comics telling their most personal, ridiculous pot stories. In a paranoid state, Jimmy Dore threw his bag of weed out the window and hit a cop in the head. Lee Allan was so high he couldn't find the tallest tree on the planet from 50 feet away. In desperation, Brian Posehn smoked pot that was stuffed in a Drakkar Noir bottle, "It tasted sort of like the smell of a sweaty dude in a club."

Pot's Greatest Hits is the first and only marijuana compilation CD.  It is the creation of Mr. A Productions, a Manhattan Beach, CA based company. It's distributed by Ardustry Home Enterainment under the Laugher Heals record label banner.


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High Times Editor Steve Bloom says,
"Pot's Greatest Hits takes cannabis comedy to new heights!"


1. Doug Benson - Multi-Tasking Stoner 2:29
2. Patton Oswalt - Pot Needs a Movie 2:26
3. Jimmy Dore - Faith Healers, Pot Rehab 6:17
4. Craig Shoemaker - Nana's "Glaucoma" 1:53
5. Matt Kirsch - Pot Activist 3:02
6. Lowell Sanders - This is Your Pilot Speaking 2:00
7. Ron Shock - Legalize It and Tax It 11:09
8. Brian Posehn - It's Hard to Quit Pot 2:04
9. Ngaio Bealum - Bongs - Pumpkin Pot Pie 4:50
10. Arj Barker - Busted with the Krush 2:38
11. Franklyn Ajaye - Stoned for a Final Exam 8:02
12. Jake Iannarino - I Smoke a Lot of Weed 3:40
13. Todd Glass - What if...? 2:16
14. Lee Allan - President Clinton, Prop 215 1:52
15. Paul Gilmartin - Growing the Chronic 6:30
16. Jason Gillearn - Not That High 1:48
17. Tom Rhodes - The Loneliest Joint 3:28
18. Rich Hardesty - All My Friends are Stoners 3:40

A portion of the proceeds of this CD will be donated to 

"This CD is hysterical.  Cannabis prohibition and America's 700,000 annual cannabis arrests are not." 
                             - Allen St. Pierre, Ex. Director, NORML

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